java.lang.NullPointerException upon committing to a team project

After updating to Visual Paradigm v16.1 (Build 20200231) I can no longer commit my changes to the team project, this ends in an error java.lang.NullPointerException. Also, upon updating the project I get “no updates available”, but my coworkers do have committed changes to the project. I allready tried reconnecting to the server and restarting VP, but this didn’t work. Is there a way to solve this?


Could you please attach your log file? It can be exported from the About dialog.
You can send it to and include the link to this post in the Email.

I have the Same Problem on Ver 13.2 (Build 20160902). I prepared Log file, How I can Add ?

Hi akantipu,

You can upload your log file by clicking this button:

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Jick Yeung