Java Roundtrip

Hi, all.

I reversed a *.java class that has:

import java.math.BigDecimal;
import java.util.Date;

I then generated code from the VP Class Repository, and the imports were redefined like this:

import java.math.
import java.util.*;

Too much overhead, right?

So, I reversed the specific classes (Serializable, BigDecimal and Date) into the repository, too. But, I still get the same “imports” generated in the *.java file.

Any suggestions on how to keep the specific import classes during the “roundtrip” process?



Hello Walk,

This problem should be fixed and please run the VP Suite Update to update the software to latest patch (20110126i or later). Details about update to latest patch can be found at

Feel free to contact me if you require any further information.

Best regards,
Rain Wong