[JPA ORM ] how to change @GeneratedValue annotation strategy to IDENTITY

Hi, I’m a VP enterprise user.

I’m trying to create JPA application using the ORM/JPA Java Class generation functionality.
My database is MySQL, so I need to generate the annotation of @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY) for the primary key field. but my generated code is like following:

@Column(name="ID", nullable=false)	
@org.hibernate.annotations.GenericGenerator(name="AUTOINSURANCE_COVERAGE_ITEM_ID_GENERATOR", strategy="identity")	
private int ID;

So, I’m changing the code directly for now.

Is there some options for declaring Key generation Strategy when I first generating ORM??

Hi, I am having the same question. In addition to this I’d like to know removing hibernate specific annotations and using JPA-Standard is possible?