Label on an expansion node on an expansion region

So … I’m looking at UML Distilled 3rd edition (excellent book BTW)

There’s a diagram that illustrates the following: Activity diagram with a <> expansion region with a list box pin. The pin is labelled “list of topics” in their example.

What’s called a “list box pin” in the book seems to be what is called an “expansion node” in VP UML. So far so good.

But how do I put a label on it please?

(What I’m really asking is…
I have an activity diagram with an <> expansion region. The activities in the region are supposed to take place for each connected client. Where do I put the “for each client” label?)

Hi jhawkins,

Do you min that you want to attach the expansion node to an Action? According to page 370 of UML specification, it said:

As a shorthand notation, the “list box pin” notation may be placed directly on an action symbol, replacing the pins of the action (Figure 12.83). This indicates an expansion region containing a single action. The equivalent full form is shown in Figure 12.84.

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Hello Jick,

Ah no, what I want to do is put some text by the list box pin

Cheers, Jim

Hi Jim,

I will discuss with our developers and come back to you.

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Hi Jim,

You can now enter names to expansion node. First, please download and install the patch at:

In the Activity Diagram(s) that has expansion node, right-click on the diagram background and select Presentation Options > Show State/Activity Diagram Node Caption > Expansion Node from the popup menu to enable the option. After that, you can double-click on an expansion node to enter its name.

You can also make this option persists by setting in the Options dialog:

  1. Select Tools > Options… from the main menu.
  2. Open the Diagramming page.
  3. Switch to the Activity and State tab.
  4. Check Expansion Node.

Hope this helps! Have a nice weekend!

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I installed the patch and cannot now run the software

I get an Invalid License Key(s) error

I have a single Modeller edition license, originally purchased for 6.0

Is it possible to get a compatible license please? (I tried deleting and importing.)

HI jhawkins,

I’m sorry. I thought that you are evaluating our products, but didn’t aware that you are our customer. Sorry again. May I know your licensee Email address so that I can lookup your purchase record to see if your maintenance is still valid? If valid, you are entitled to an upgrade to version 6.1 of VP-UML.

As a suggestion, please do not post your Email address here. You may send me a private message instead.

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Hi Jick, Thanks for your PM help. I now have the license and have added a caption in the way you described. Thanks again, Jim

My pleasure! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: