Licence key not valid for Idea

I downloaded the professional version of SDE for Intellij Idea and requested a evaluation license key. But the key was sent to me doesn’t work. The import function of key management always say that it is not a valid key, eventho’ the expiry date displays as 2nd of May.
Then a dialog is displayed saying the key is invalid and shutsdown Idea altogether.

Having the same problem with netBeans 3.5.1…

Looks like a lot of folks have the same problem with the license file; the irrony is that tech support think we’re stupid … look at the probable fix

Dear User,
Could you check your system clock? I suppose that your system clock
is April 28. 2004.

Best Regards,

I just received the license key file and imported it - although it
says valid, when I close the dialog, I get the message:

“Your license key is invalid, application will exit”

The expiry date is May 27, 2004, and state = valid !!

What’s the problem?

Thanks in advance

seems someone programmed a little pitch that can fetch the evaluation key automatedly.thus the server is always busy.
what do you think?