License problem in 5.2


Our company has purchased VP-UML 5.2 Modeler Edition some time ago. Installation was successful, but if I try to start the product, I’m always asked for a license key. In the displayed manager I’m trying then to import the key and I get the message, that it was successfully imported. But no entry is shown in the table and the dialog stays. Repeating this procedure for the second time results in the message, that the key is invalid. We purchased 11 licenses and no one works! What could cause this problem? We are working with Windows XP, if it’s a matter for you. By the way, the vp.log shows no relevant messages about this problem. there is only an entry about starting the application.

Never mind, problem solved. Keys applied were upgrade keys. By using first the key of the previous version and then importing the upgrade key it was possible to complete the activation.

Hi jSmith,

Thank you for your post. You’ve found the solution. Yes, it is required to import the original key prior to importing the upgrade key.

By the way, have you ever considered upgrading to VP-UML 6.2? We’ve introduced many enhancements and new features. You may try it first, and consider to upgrade if you wish to. We offer evaluation for 30 days for free.

Feel free to let me know if there are any questions. Enjoy!

Best regards,