Linked Files

How can I display an hiperlink or an object (as word) linked to word document?
I tried this:

  1. I add a reference to a file in an activity. Then I generated a word report , but only appears the activity an the description, nothing about the linked document. I configured in the report the option “Generate references URL/FILE”
  2. I added an image and I selected the option “Linked File”, but when I generated the word report, only appears the image and the description, no hiperlink or object associated to the file.

Is there a way that in the word report, automatically generated, I can open a file by doing double click in an image or by clicking and hiperlink?

Looking forward an aswer.

Hello Ttyka,

Actually the link is located at the title of the reference (see attached pic). If you need any help, please let me know!

Best regards,

Thanks Rain,

Sorry about the duplicity of the topic, but I though it didn’t work because it not appeared inmediately in the index, that’s why I repeated the question.

About the answer:
That works if I select the option Detail in the report window, but I don’t want because appear a lot of information that I don’t need.

I want that the link appears in the activity description, see linkedfile.jpg.
I selected the option Reference , see reference 1.jpg
I don’t want the option in detail because it generates lot of information, see reference 2.jpg

linked file.PNG
reference 1.PNG
reference 2.PNG

Hi Ttyka,

Thanks for replying. We are sorry that we do not support showing references in the description of model, but you can use Report Writer and define template to achieve this. Details about Report Writer and defining templates for Report Writer can be found in the following links. If there is anything we can help, please feel free to ask.

BTW, we will support customize report in the future, if there is any news about this issue, I’ll notify you at once.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong