Linking actions and activities

I can create an Action with input and output pins and then right-click, select “Behaviour”, and then “Create Activity”, which generates a skeleton with input and output parameters. All of this is per the tutorial at How to link a call behavior action pin with the Activity Parameter Node that it represents - #2 by roykeung.

What if I have an existing Activity and I want to create an Action for it in another diagram, and I want that Action to have the right input and output pins based on the Activity’s parameters?

What if I add a parameter to the Activity later and I want to resynchronize with all Actions that link to it?


Hi KDean,

Thank you for your inquiry. Your suggestion is currently not supported. I will forward your post to our team for further feasibility studies. When there is any update I will let you know.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

Thanks. Total synchronization would be very nice to have, and it doesn’t have to be two-way synchronization either. Since the Activity is where the real work is done, then changing it should synchronize with any Actions linked to it, including renaming of the Action and any of its input and output pins. Any attempt to change the Action should be blocked because it’s bound to an Activity.