Linking activity diagrams independent


I am using VP-UML 5.0 Community Edition (Build 20050624a). It is a great and useful tool. I like it very much. But I miss the possibility to jump without dependencies from one activity diagram to another.

I red in one forum post that VP-UML only support sub diagram links.

But in some cases it won’t work, cause the needed link will go to an activity sub diagram which is almost a sub diagram of the same parent diagram.

Now my question:
Is it planned to implement this feature in a future version of VP-UML? It would make developing much easier.
By the way - in Borlands Together software (6.0) this feature is almost implemented.

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Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your message. I suggest you can try the Diagram Overview shape. You can create a Diagram Overview shape which is referencing to another activity diagram. And linkup to your existing activity. Please let me know it helps or not.

p.s. The version of VP-UML which you are using is quite out-dated. I recommend you download and install the latest version. You can see change log of every release at the change log forum

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Dear Rain,

thank you very much for this tip. It works great :smiley:

Every time when I learn more about VP-UML I become a more greater fan of this wonderful tool. Keep it up!!

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