Linking use case extensions to a step or steps in the basic flow


Is there a way to link one or more extension scenarios/flows to the main success scneario/basic flow? e.g.:


  1. actor does something
  2. system…
  3. actor…
  4. system…
  5. use case ends (success)

1.a actor does something else:
1.a.1 system…
1.a.2 actor…
1.a.3 continue from step 2

1.b actor does something really stupid:
1.b.1 system…
1.b.2 actor…
1.b.3 use case ends (failure)

Now, because the two extensions EXT1 and EXT2 are both associated with step 1 of the main success scenario, if I were to delete step 1 of the MSS, I would expect the two extensions to also be deleted; similarly, if I were to insert a new step in the MSS, resulting in the existing step 1 being renumbered to step 2, I would expect the two extensions to be renumbered as well, in order to preserve their association with the step in the MSS.

Q: is this functionality supported? If so, how can I access it?
Q: if it is not supported, can I request that it be considered?

Many thanks,


Hello JohnSC,

Thank you for your post. I understand what you need. But currently, I regret to say that it is not being supported. I have notified our developers about your suggestion. If we will support this feature, I will let you know.

Best regards,