Logical Model - Creating from Physical

Hi all.

I’m new to VP, but have extensive experience in Erwin Data Modeller, ER\Studio and Powerdesigner.

Unfortunately, my new organisation has had little concept of a logical data model. I am now trying to reverse engineer the data models for their data warehouse into both logical and physical.

This is the only thread on this forum that I can find, but it actually doesn’t address my issue.

We have a multitier data warehouse, where there is a presentation layer, built from views, and which closely matches the logical model in terms of relationships. It is this layer that I want to represent logically (and physically) as this is the one exposed to the users.

I have reversed all the other layers, but I just need the one represented logically.

Is there a way to do this without doing it from scratch in VP? It is possible with the above tools to do so.


Hi SimonB,

ERD support synchronize ERD:

  • Conceptual to Logical
  • Logical to Conceptual and Physical
  • Physical to Logical

It can access from popup menu:

Thanks for that.

I have got that far, but it still shows in the in the logical model as a view, and even a schema (which in a logical model doesn’t make sense). There are no options to create relationships between these entities.

One basically needs to strip out any physical characteristics now, and then add relationships etc.

Hi SimonB,

Do you expect we provide two options when synchronize Physical ERD to Logical ERD ?

  • synchronize Physical View as Logical Entry
  • remove schema for synchronized Logical View and Logical Entry

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