Lost Diagrams when connecting to online

I have been using the desktop version of VP for many years and I wanted to use some diagrams that are only available online. I have a Standard subscription on the desktop and a free license online. I connected to my project to the online and now I can only see the Class diagrams, I have Decison Tables, Sequence DIagrams and Wireframes that have all disappeared. When I start VP and open the project it doesn’t revert to the desktop version. I have recovered the project from backup but this doesnot work. Anyone know how do I revert the project to the desktop version?

I got around this by creating a new workspace, restoring the project into the new workspace and opening it in the new workspace. The project opened as normal with all of my missing diagrams

In order to work with the online diagrams in VP desktop you first need to connect your VP desktop to VP Online, then have your project manged by VP Online (i.e. Project > Save as > VP Online > Import). After that open the project listed under VP Online in Open Project dialog will allow you to edit the online diagrams in VP Desktop. Please note that not all diagrams are fully compatible between VP Desktop and VP Online. More details about this can be found at https://knowhow.visual-paradigm.com/vp-online/diagram-compatibility/

Thanks Rain, as I use Sequence diagrams and Decision Tables (which aren’t compatible) I will have to stick with the VP Desktop and use the online diagrams separately. Is VP moving people away from the desktop to online? New diagrams seem to be added to the online version.