Macros handling in C/C++ code

in header files I have situations like this:

#if defined(MYMACRO)
some code

How can I tell instant reverse that MYMACRO is actually defined and, therefore, to take into account the enclosed code?

Hi Ramestica,

You can set “MYMACRO=” in Advanced Options… > Predefined.

Outstanding! That works. Many thanks, K.

Online (link below) I read that advanced options meant ‘More configurable options related to C++ instant reverse’. But when selected I got a lot of Doxygen setting options, and that made my interest wane.

Where can I read more about this option? Can I use semicolons for different macros? Apart from macros, in which other way could be used?

Many Thanks,

You can add space between macros. The option is similar to -D of gcc.