MagicDraw or Visual Paradigm?


We are currently evaluating/testing many modeling tools for our company and we end up with 3 products: MagicDraw, VP-UML and RSM.

Meanwhile, VP-UML is MY favorite for many reasons . But as I am not the decision maker (only influencer - the company is big and we will need to consider many factors before buying licenses), I need to find some user feedback or independent reviews that compare VP-UML with its competitors (specially MagicDraw).

Can anyone give me the pros & cons of VP-UML compared to Magic Draw (from user experience or reviews if possible) ?

I found out that MagicDraw is much more well-known than VP-UML in the UML industry (at least in France and Belgium). Is there any explanations for that?

I thank you in advance for your answers.


Hello Fabien7474,

Thank you for your interest in our products. We are sorry that we do not have any documents related to comparison with other products on the market. In fact, we thinks the comparison document is not very useful and trying out the real application is more meaningful. Maybe you can tell me what features you are interested in or most concern and I’ll can tell you more details about this.

Best regards,

Hello Rain,

Thank you for answering me.
Well, I think I didn’t make my point very clear so I’ll try to explain it again.

I am NOT looking for a a document related to features comparison with other products. I did the research myself (on the web mainly), tested trial products and made my own conclusions.

Actually, I am rather looking for customer feedback about VP-UML and Visual Paradigm in general because unlike MagicDraw, it is very difficult to find some.

Thank you,


I don’t know what are the differences, but I know many people who love magic draw. I guess it is wildly used in Germany as well. I don’t know what Visual Paradigm is able to do, (just trying to find out) but magic draw has a lot of interesting features.

I have used MagicDraw as well and it is a good product. Although, I prefer to use Visual Paradigm as it has worked well cross platform (especially on Linux), it has good export features, and decent C++ support. A really big difference is how your diagrams are organized within the program. VP has a much clearer/cleaner organization of your diagrams. With MagicDraw, you are not as sure where your diagrams should go within the logical tree structure that contains all the elements of the diagrams. The whole process of organizing the elements of diagrams is just much easier and clearer in VP.

Go download the MagicDraw demo and try it out. It definitely contains some nice features. I’d like to hear your opinion as well.