Make a clean collaboration diag from seq.diag


is it possible make a CLEAN collaboration diagram from seq.diag ?

I get too many details and i’m not be able(is possible?) to clean the collaboration diag result.
I may had only the principal method call.

The key is to work in primitive sequence diag or in the destination colll.diag ?
I have tryied without success to redistribute the line and arrows in result diag

thanks nicola

Hi Nicola,

Sorry but I cannot get what your problem is, can you provide a sample of your current situation, that is the source sequence diagram, the currently generated collaboration diagram, and the desired collaboration diagram you want to get? Thank you very much.

Best Regards,


thank ypu for precious collaboration

A ) made sequence diag : the source
B) convert in collaboration diagram (the destionation) inside th sequence diagram
C.1) the collaboration diag is a cloud with a lots of detail, too many.
C.2) I can not redistribute the line, the image, the size, the picture inside the collaboratione diag

The goal I need : make a collaboration dfiagram with only the necessary me

I try to allegate jpeg A and C. thanks

Hi Nicola,

Are the principal messages you refer to means the messages that are not inside the combined fragments?