Marking an attribute as being deprecated

Is there a way to mark an entity attribute as being deprecated? Would like to mark an entity attribute as deprecated before deleting it from the class diagram. This way a developer knows to remove the attribute from the code, once removed from code and tested then it can be deleted from the model.

Hi mfasano,

There is not a formal way to mark a model element as deprecated in Visual Paradigm, but I think tagged value would be useful for your use case:

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Though both would would work in this case, I think this is more of a stereotype than a tagged value.

Mihály you are right, should define a stereotype for attribute with the deprecated boolean tagged value and apply to attributes. If define a standalone tagged value would mean the need to define for every attribute, except if we define a default tagged value, which would affect all attributes in the project.

Here is the documentation for using stereotype in Visual Paradigm:


Thanks I believe using Stereotypes will work for identifying deprecated attributes

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