Master views and modifying class associations and generalizations


I have a model that includes a (relatively) large number of classes, divided into a number of packages. Each package generally has an overview diagram, but I started out with a top-level scratchpad diagram to brainstorm my model. I now have a great deal of trouble reassigning associations and generalizations in my diagrams, because it appears that the Master View concept has assignment of master view to my elements scattered across many views.

Is it possible to deactivate this Master View concept so that associations can be reassigned from any view? Or can I bulk assign the master view for all elements in a package to the package overview diagram so there’s an easy way to find and update associations?

This seems particularly awkward when an association crosses packages, since there may be no higher-level diagram that is the master view for both classes the association connects, and thus no shared master view diagram that allows the association to be modified. I have only been able to delete the association and recreate it on the current diagram, which risks losing details on the association because all attributes need to be recreated.

Have I misunderstood the concept, or missed any easier methods of managing these elements?



Hi Dennis,

How about just select all in the current diagram, right-click on the selection and select Selection > Set as Master View from the popup menu? That way you can ensure all diagram elements in the current diagram become master views of their associated model elements.

Hope this helps,