Memory Leak?

UML 5.0. Professional Edition. Evaluation Copy.

I was using 20050624y build before trying to report this bug, then downloaded latest 20051020a and tried it. Still see this problem.

I’m using Windows XP SP2, JDK 1.5.0_04 (Sun Implementation).

To show this issue, simply create a blank UML 2.0 project, save it. Set all of your tool panes to be autohide. Quit UML 5.0. Start your windows task manager, watch the memory usage in process tab. You can add ‘Page Fault’ or other info as well.

Now start your VP UML, initially it’s using around 80M memory. That’s ok. Now don’t do any thing, just move your mouse above those docked tool panes, move it up and down, ‘Property’, ‘Diagram Overview’, ‘Documentation’ …’ Diagram Navigator’, ‘Model’, … Stay around 1 or 2 seconds on each tab, you don’t need to click on it.

Watch the memory cosumption of the VP. It’s growing, 4k, sometimes 12K,
etc. keep growning. I really don’t think repeatly moving mouse around these tabs will use memory continuously. Unless you tell me that’s normal.

I was working on a project with about 30 classes and 3 class diagrams only. After 3 hours work, VP is using nearly 600M memory. Anyway, my above simply blank project will demonstrate the bug.

Dear Yu,

Thank you for your message. The reason that the memory usage goes up is caused by rendering the tab sliding out from the border. In fact, you can minimize the application to force a garbage collection and the memory usage of the application will drop.

The 30 classes eat up 600MB memory is not a usual situation. Could you mind tell me when you will be available so that we can have a on-line meeting for diagnose your problem? Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Yes, I also noticed that forcing a GC will reduce the memory usage. But if I leave application open and don’t do anything (working on another computer), after about 30 minutes, the memory usage is still that much. Not sure how your program GC the memory.

I just started using VP for about two week, totally 15 hours experience. I was keep creating new class diagram, deleting it, zoom on views, switch panels, to try out.

I’m in California and can’t talk too much about the project detail. So can’t have an online meeting you you. However, will continue try your application.