Memory usage

I think I first post this message in the wrong group, sorry for posting it again.

The Teamwork server is consumming a large memory amount though we are working on a still small project (about 400KB). Moreover the data consumption is getting bigger from a commit operation to the other, while the project keeps slightly the same size (memory leaks ?).
Perhaps should I just change the command line parameters of the jvm (I am using the default settings of the scripts) ?

If someone could help, I will be very grateful as committing operations can takes several minutes after just a few hours working on it (hopefully the server is stopped every evening and restarted every morning).

Thanks by advance for any help,


not only the server vp it self usses ALLOT of memory after some time…

Hi Albert,

Please try setting the -Xmx option for running the Teamwork Server Admin. to see if it’s better. The steps are as below:

  1. Close the Teamwork Admin console if it is opened.

  2. Shut down the teamwork server if it is started.

  3. Right-click on the start_admin.bat file under %Teamwork_Server_Home%\bin and select Properties from popup menu.

  4. Uncheck the Read-Only attribute to make the file editable.

  5. Edit the start_admin.bat file with any text editor you like.

  6. Add -Xmx and -Xms JVM argument (e.g. -Xmx1024m -Xms512m) to the original command.

  7. Save the file and exit.

  8. Start the admin again.

Hope this help.