Merging Sequence Flows

Is the following valid BPMN2?

Or will this wait forever for a token to arrive on all process flows at the right hand merge gateway?
If this is not correct, what is the best, neatest way of showing these merges? What I’m trying to achieve is that the process continues when the top flow arrives AND either the middle OR the bottom flow arrives.

Thanks - Rowan

Hello Rowan,

Your diagram seems to be invalid. In parallel join all the incoming flow must arrive before the join is complete. In your diagram 2 incoming flows of the join are come from the same decision (New items). Since this will only generate one flow to the join, so the merge cannot be completed.

The most simple workaround is put another gateway after Create part number(s) to merge this alternative path. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

Best regards,

Yes, I think you are right. I’ll find a different way of showing this!


You should instead use an OR join, it merges all enabled paths.

Problem is you are not closing the “New item(s)” XOR gateway. See the attached picture, it is valid BPMN and it works well when running Animacian.