Message Intermediate Event in Sub Process only Catching?

During a recent BPMN 2.0 workshop we had an exercise where we had two Message Intermediate Events inside a Sub Process.
One of the two is supposed to be Trigger Type Catching, the other one Throwing.

It is not possible, to change the Message Intermedia Event inside the Sub Process to Catching.
The only solution is to add two Pools into the Sub Process, which i do not want to do since it would look confusing when the Sub Process is expanded.

Is there a way to simply change the Intermediate Message Event to Throwing without adding Pools into the Sub Process?

You can change the message intermediate event to throwing by simply using the popup menu. Can you send me an example about how you model your subprocess and event?

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hello Rain,

i attached two pics, in the first one you can see an exemplary process with said subprocess. (the two message events are actually connected by sequency flow, i made the screenshot wrong).
In the other one you see the subprocess and that i can’t change the message intermediate event to throwing.

(i figured a mistake in my original post, i meatn to say i cann not change said events to throwing, but i wrote catching…)