MindMap - move node to be child of another node

Hi, looking at using VP for mind mapping (already use it for other things, but trying to reduce number of tools). I am comfortable creating the mind map. Does anybody know, if I have a mind map, how I can move one note (and its child nodes) to be a child or a different node? I can see how to add, delete, expand, collapse and draw links but I can’t see how to move nodes to link to others.

For example, mind mapping to explore a concept, realise that three different branches are actually different flavours of a common concept so I want to create that concept as a new node and then move those three branches to be child siblings of the new node.

Any pointers to what I have missed appreciated. Thanks.

Hi brynwales,

Thank you for your inquiry. Are you using Visual Paradigm Desktop or Visual Paradigm Online? Although they both support mind map, the behavior is slightly different.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung