Misaligned Objects follow-up

This is really a follow-on from a previous request, but I can’t add it to that one because you have not yet made it visible on the forum (why it takes several days to approve messages submitted to this forum escapes me - it really slows down any discussion that people may want to engage in).

I’ve discovered that what’s happening when objects fail to align with each other with snap-to-grid enabled is that something has scaled the existing images so they are no longer the original size. What’s more, the shape has changed. On the middle gateway in the following diagram (which shows one of the “scaled” gateways surrounded by 4 new gateways which are the correct size, and which do properly snap to grid), you can see that (a) the whole gateway is a bit smaller than it should be and (b) its NW side is smaller than its SE side. Why has this happened? I certainly didn’t intend for this to happen - in fact I don’t know how to scale objects in this way in Visual Architect. I suppose something I must have done while editing the diagram unintentionally did this scaling/distoring. But what? And how do I get things back to the correct size and shape? Do I really have to go round the whole diagram and delete each individual object and replace it with a new one? That will take me many hours…

Thanks - Rowan

Hello Rowan,

The scaling of a shape is in free form, while the grid is on specific scale, so this case is something must happen. I suggest you can right click on the diagram and select Diagram Content > Auto Fit Shape Size to let us calculate the proper size for you. After auto setting the size you can turn it off to enable to manual resize to the shape.

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From my observations, I thought that if you have snap-to-grid enabled, and you resize a object, it appears to allow any size while you are dragging the corner of the object, but as soon as you release the corner, it snaps to the next larger grid point. Is this not the case? If so, does this not apply to gateways too?

I can promise you that I have not tried intentionally to resize any gateways. They must have been resized inadvertently when I was trying to do something else.

Actually I don’t think you can be right, because as far as I can see there is no way to make a gateway an asymmetrical shape by dragging its corners. The gateway in the example I gave was narrower on the top left hand edge than on the bottom right hand edge. How could this be the result of scaling? I think there’s something more fundamental wrong…

Re your suggestion of using Auto Fit Shape Size, please can you explain exactly what this does?