Missing Column-Datatypes in Dropdown (MySQL)


I’m trying the DB-VA for 30 days with the evaluation copy and I’m really impressed. But I don’t understand one thing:

I have a well working MySQL-Database-Connection but every table-column with the datatype longtext or mediumtext is reversed as “integer” with a huge size… reimporting will break up the table… and I’m not able to choose the data-type “mediumtext” in the drop-down box, when I’m editing the column-spec. I tried it with MyISAM and InnoDB - but with no success…

Do I have the problem, because I’m using the evaluation copy?

Thanks for your replies…



Hi Christopher,

Sorry for my late response. I guess that you have not selected (checked) ‘MySQL’ as your database from the database configuration dialog box. For now, please make sure ‘MySQL’ is checked in the database configuration dialog box (Tools | ORM | Database Confiugration…) so that both mediumtext and longtext will become available to use.

Please take a look at the screenshot for what I mean.

Best Regards,