Missing methods in classdiagram after "instant revers java" from a source

I will create with “instant reverse java” a class diagram from a java source. The java source is a ‘normally’ java bean.
The result is so, that always only 70% from the getter/setter are in the diagram. The class is syntactically right.
my equipment is mac os snowleopard and jdk1.5.
vpuml v7.2

Where can be the error?

With regards hlucke.

Hi hlucke,

Some of the getters, take getValid() as example, is presented as a value of “true” for the Getter property of corresponding attribute. Take a look at the image, you can see the valid attribute has Getter checked.

This should be the case for all getters and setters. But it looks like we are unable to recognize some of the setters. This may be due to the absent of argument. I am still checking with our engineers.

May I know whether you want us to create those operations for you, or just check the boxes Setter/Getter in attribute specification?

Best regards,


Hi again hlucke,

The reason why setters like setValid is an operation instead of a selection of “Setter” from attribute spec. is because setValid is an abstract operation.

Best regards,