Missing or inconsistent "References" in shapes

I can only describe this problem by reference to the anonymised project you already have a copy of.

Take a look at the default diagram which is the component diagram which, in the anon version, is called:
telev l3l-bladd-bloo anus_g - ri-jaw_to Myrt Stena

It contains a series of concentric ovals.
Click on the inner cyan “band” and press enter. We have 3 tabs for “General”, “Diagrams” and "References"
which is what I expect (and need)

Click on the outer cyan band and press enter. Only one tab - “General”.

Why? and how do I fix?

Hi Harry,

In order to reduce clutter in the model element specification window, we only show important tabs (e.g. Attributes/Operations of Class) and default hide the others if the contents in those tabs are empty. In your case, the inner oval has sub-diagrams so the “Diagrams” tab is visible. You can force a tab to visible by clicking on the drop-down button on the right of the tabbed pane and select it.

For more information, please reference:

Model element specification window

Hope this could help,


ah yes, I remember coming across that trick a few weeks back. Obviously forgot about it. The trouble is your UI gives no real clue to the function of that tiny down arrow. Might be a bit more obvious if it was a right pointing arroiw and appeared to the right of existing tabs - but only if there were other tabs available.

Anyway, that sorted my problem. Thanks

Yes, I agree with you that the purpose of the drop-down button may not be immediately obvious, and perhaps some visual clues to indicate there are hidden tabs could help to avoid the confusion. We will consider enhancing the UI. Thank you very much for your suggestions.