Model Explorer and missing DIAGRAMS

We primarily use the “Model Explorer” to view the structure of projects in Visual Paradigm. We structure projects using multiple “Models” within which our “DIAGRAMS” are located.

Recently, we have been encountering more and more strange behavior in Visual Paradigm. When looking through the “Model Explorer”, for no apparent reason, we do not see SOME Diagrams within a given Models structure. Within the “Model Explorer” we cannot find them at all, despite the fact that we have not moved them or changed their placement within the structures of a given project in any way. Nevertheless, the diagrams still exist within the project and can they be found, for example, via “Diagram Navigator” + “Diagram Hierarchy”. Can anyone advise how to remove this annoying “Model Explorer” behavior?

This advice

right-click on the white space of Model Explorer and select Filter Model Element, then check whether you disable showing the elements on the Model Explorer?
If you want to show specific model element type, please check the type and click OK.

from Model Explorer - General Questions/Discussions - Discuss the Visual Paradigm (

is not useful because we only see SOME Diagrams, not all by type. Therefore, logically, this strange behavior of Model Explorer cannot be due to filtering alone.

I notices that you have sent the details to our support team and they are working on your case. We will get back to you once there are any update on it.