Model explorer: dragging diagrams, swimlanes


is there something i’m missing about the model explorer?

i’m trying to move a diagram to another parent model. there seems to be no way to reassign a diagram’s parent. i cannot drag diagrams in model explorer because they don’t start moving and specifications dialog simply states what the parent model is, no way to change it.

i have a good logical view structure set up, but right now to get the model view right, i would need to create a new diagram under the correct model and then start moving the objects around and copy pasting views.

i did “detach from parent” to a diagram to see how it works and now it is completely missing from the model explorer. it still exists in the diagram navigator, but i cannot figure out how to get it back to model explorer as well. what is the purpose of “detach from parent”, anyway?

regarding swimlanes: i dragged a partition out of a swimlane and now i cannot get it back inside the original swimlane. i drop it on my targeted swimlane, but it simply returns to the original location and will not be housed by the swimlane like i want. i am also not able to drag a swimlane nor the partition into a package. they do move around freely between models though.

Hi lkraav,

Thanks for your post. For your questions:

  1. In order to reassign the diagram to another parent model, you can open the specification of the target parent model, click the Diagram tab and then click Add > Existing Diagrams… (you may refer to the attached image) to select the diagram you want to reassign.

  2. As diagram is not classified as a model, when you detach it from the parent, it will not be shown any more in the Model Explorer.

  3. In fact, the partition of a swimlane cannot be dragged out, your case should be an exceptional one. Could you tell me the details steps of the problem? Also, would you mind sending me your project for investigation? Thanks in advance!

**If you do not want the project to be accessible by public, please send it to or through my private message.

If there are any inquiries, please feel free to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong


thanks, indeed it was something i was missinga about the model explorer.
not being able to see all the specification dialog tabs at once for feature comprehension, like the UI standard usually works, i guess contributed to this one.

re: swimlanes, ive attached a new sample project, which behaves exactly the same. you can see two partitions right on the same level in the model explorer as the swimlane, verified on both PC and the Mac.

btw. your Attachment dialog has a spelling error for the “Add antoher file”
Swimlane drag test.vpp

Hi lkraav,

Thank you for replying and the sample project. I’m sorry that I cannot understand your meaning of “missing about the model explorer. not being able to see all the specification dialog tabs at once for feature comprehension”, could you explain more? Thanks a lot!

For the partition issue and the spelling mistake for “Add antoher file”, I’ll forwarded the details to our engineers to follow-up. Once there is any news, I’ll come back to you immediately. Thanks for drawing our attention to the issue and the spelling mistake.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

re: model explorer

its most likely the java toolkit and mac os x related problem.

the available tabs are not visible all at once on the mac os x, but you have to scroll the tabs. this definitely restricts comprehension, because by the time you scroll to the end, you have already forgotten what was covered in the beginning and you also dont have a clear understanding on how the functionality is divided between the tabs available. it is also not possible to quickly switch from tab to tab to compare information in them, because you have to scroll from one end to the other.

it is some crappy implementation of tabs by os x java, i must say.

this is different on windows, because windows has the normal (better) view of all tabs at once.

please see the attached screenshot.

edit: ok, switching to metal look & feel changes this. obviously the overall look suffers some, but if there has to be a compromise, i think i will make it towards functionality.


Hi lkraav,

Thanks for your details. It’s a good news that you find a way to change this. If there are any inquiries, please feel free to contact me again

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

thanks for your prompt replies. unfortunately the overall interface suffers even more on the mac with the metal look & feel, so i am sticking with aqua right now, since i already learned most of the functionality involved. but it would be awesome if the aqua theme could be modified to fix the tab behavior.

Hi lkraav,

If you have any inquiries in the future, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hi Ikraav,

I would like to let you know that the partition issue is fixed and deployed in our application, please download the patch from the link below and see if the problem is fixed or not:

If there are any inquiries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong