Model explorer empty on load

when opening my project it did not load anything: model explorer is empty as well as diagram navigator.
The system first shows “project file could be damaged by onedrive operation while Vis Par editing it”. This is something I have not seen before. I took a vpp_bak file, assuming the file was corrupt, and renamed it. Then loaded but the same issue occurs. No error other than the onedrive warning. None of the bak files loads correctly!
Using Version 16.1, standalone, not working in a team.

Would you please send us your project file for checking? You can send it to Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Bart, you’re using the bak files incorrectly. The back files are deltas of changes, they are not complete copies of the vpp file at points in time. See: [What is a Visual Paradigm Project?](,>%20Maintenance%20>%20Restore%20Auto%20Save.&text=Select%20the%20project%20file%20(.,and%20press%20Open%20to%20proceed.) for more detail.

Hi, that seems to work, thanks for your help! However, the Diagram and Model Explorer remain empty?

Hi Rain, I couldn’t send the file due to some company restrictions. But thanks for your help.

This morning when I started VP, the model and diagram explorer windows are populated. Don’t know what changed but everything good now.
Thank you for your support.

Hi Rain and Bart, there is a bug in VP that I haven’t reported as yet. If you’re editing in VP and reboot (or other) without saving, when you start VP it will ask it you wish to revert to the backup copy. On answering “Yes” the backup copy will load, but the Model Explorer does not populate. You get around this issue by pressing “Save” and then reloading the project.

Thanks for the update