Model Explorer vs Diagram Navigator

Hi all,
I wonder if someone could explain the differerens between the Model Explorer and the Diagram Navigator?

I got a question about it at work today and was asked to find the answer.

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I think they are just different ways of looking at the content of the project. The model explorer is for those who prefer to navigate more the elements of the model, the diagram naviogator lists all diagrams by type. You can also create your own custom logical view of things as you wish to see them organised without affecting the actual model structure). So basically UI flexibilility for modellers. Model Structure is also yet another way of navigating the project - lots of choices - and a little confusing if you have come from other tools which mainly give you the one way of looking into the repository. Another practical use of model explorer is to subdivide your project into (sub)models eg they might be different business domains.

Thanks slot for the explenation.


Hi Viktor,

Model Explorer lists the model elements in the model repository, while Diagram Navigator lists the diagrams and the diagram elements within each diagram.

You can think of a model element as the data of something that you want to model, like a class named “Car”. A diagram element is a representation of a model element (also called a “view”), take the “Car” class example, it can be a class shape shown in UML class notation, or it can be shown as an image of your choice.

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