Model Repository Basis - Model auxiliary view - Identical models

Hi there
So ive been using visual paradigm for a while and i already understand the ‘Model Repository basis’ and its reasoning, advantages etc.

My use cases usually have nothing to do with code generation as i just want to make illustrative, ‘view’ like diagrams for mid level technical documents, hence i might not even define all the attributes or operations in a class which would be expected for a code generation purpose.

So i wanted to have different class diagrams illustrating an identical ‘Class’ showing different functions and attributes only to highlight different aspects of the ‘Class’ in question.
However due to ‘Model Repository basis’ having these ‘Class’ instances on different diagrams is not possible.
So the questions are

  1. Can we turn off ‘Model Repository basis’ ? (im guessing no, i looked but maybe not deep enough)
  2. Can we have separate Label and Id for Models, so that in the diagram different Models can actually have identical Labels? (im guessing no either, i looked but maybe not deep enough)

Anyways, i already know what the workaround is, just create new Project (a pain actually)
Anyways, these might be good candidate feature requests

Thanks for reading!

Hi Aziz,

Actually same class can show different class members in different class diagrams. You can simply right click on the class and select Presentation Options > Attributes/Operations > Customized to specify which class member to show or hide in current view. This should allow you to create diagrams with same class showing different level of details. Hope this can help.

Best regards,
Rain Wong