Model Stereotypes

When I add a stereotype to a model element (package, use case, class), the stereotype suddenly appears directly beneath the model root, as a seperate model element in the browser, completely detached from the element I was trying to associate it with. This must be a bug, yes?

I am using build 20051111

Hi Mystagogue,

Could you please explain in more detail in what way the stereotype is detached from the model? Are you referring to the model tree? Or inside the diagram? If this is the case, it is probably a bug. Could you please send me your project file along with the log file for identifying the problem? You could find the log file at %VP Suite-HOME%/bin.

You may send to my email address as follows:

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I think I figured out the “paradigm.” The stereotype of a model element is indeed properly associated. However, when in the model view the stereotype becomes a model element by itself…which makes it look like it is “detached” from the element it was associated with. I now perceive this was intentional functionality.