More in depth Open API Javadocs?

Hello there,

I have mainly been using VP Suite 4.0 while utilizing the Open API. Although I have had not problems utilizing the Open API I feel as though I may not be utilizing certain classes to their full potential. Most of my work has been based off of examples and although this has worked to my benefit I would like a better understanding of some of the classes. I have noticed that is out of date when compared to VP Suite 4.0 so I can only imagine how out of date it is now.

Does the newest version of Visual Paradigm’s openapi.jar contain actual documentation of each class? When I say documentation I mean brief notes on how to utilize each class or notes that a developer should take into consideration when using methods, etc.

Thank you,

Michael Lantz

Hello Michael,

Thank you for your message and sorry for our late response. We are sorry that currently we don’t have much documentation about our Open API classes. You can simply drop us message about the classes you got question. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

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A mi lo que me sucede es que necesito comparar si el diagrama capturado es un diagrama de proceso de negocio o un drigrama de especificacion de requisitos pero la clase DiagramManager de la openapi no tiene incluido este diagrama y necesito porder consultar esos diagramas para un pluging que necesito hacer para mi tesis, si alguien conoce sobre ese tema por favor necesito que me ayude, gracias de antemano.