Moving data from client layer to server layer then to persisteance layer

Anyone please suggest how move data from client side(ex: browser) to server side(service layer) after some processing on those data,it will be saved into database. Here table structure never be changed.
I do not want all the data from client to server side as well as for database side

Please suggest

Hi Jacobdeiter,

Thanks for your post. I’m sorry that I’m not sure what you exactly want to do. Do you mean you want to move the data from one database to another database which is in another machine, or something else?

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Lilian Wong

I want to save client side form-data which were entered by user to database.I have a pojo which represent exact table structure and this pojo is used to save the data into database.

What are best design pattern suitable for this.So I don’t have any dependency between any layers

Actually you can simply use our generated ORM layer source code to do this. The link below shows you some examples on how our ORM layer work.

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