Moving diagrams

Hi all,

I’m using SDE-EC V 4.0 and tried to move some of my already created sequence diagrams from one VP project to another. So I started an XML-Export for these diagrams and then imported them in the target project. This caused the model being doubled and the root-folder of the model named like this NEWPROJECT(OLDPROJECT) .

What does it mean ?

It seems like diagrams have been moved but are applied to their own model that has been imported, too.

Is there a way to move diagrams properly so that they fit in the new model ? (The model in the old project is in fact the same as a part of the model in the new project)

Thank you for help

Hi fx782Xms,

Please try export the project file instead of XML. For details, please watch the movie at:

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Hi Jick,

thank you for quick help, it works but considering sequence diagrams this unfortunately didn’t excuse me from assigning the used classes (lifelines) and their methods (messages) to the model of the target project.

If I don’t do that my diagrams are not properly adjusted to the changed code after “ForceUpdateModel”.

Is there another way to solve this problem :?:

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Hi fx782Xms,

You said that it didn’t allow you to assign the used classes and their method after importing. Base on this, I carried out the following test, and find it working. Could you comment on my testing? I believe that I have made something wrong.

  1. In the Master project, create a class with an operation bar()

  2. Create a sequence diagram.

  3. Create a lifeline in the sequence diagram

  4. Drag the class to the sequence diagram to create a lifeline

  5. Pickup bar() as message. Success! (See masterProject.png)

  6. Export project

  7. Open another instance of product.

  8. Open the exported project

  9. Create an operation foo() in the class

  10. Save project

  11. Import the exported project back to the master project

At this point, I am able to select foo(), which was defined in the exported project. (See masterProject2.png)

These steps outline my understanding to your problem.

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Hi Jick,

thanks for your reply. Hope I can explain it clearly now. What I did was:

In project A:

  1. Create a sequence diagram.
  2. Drag several classes from the model view to the diagram to create lifelines. Assume one class named “Foo” in package “bar”.
  3. Create messages between them, each time selecting one of the methods from the list.
  4. Using SDE-EC Export -> UML Model and select the diagram to save it in file system.

Consider project B having a model containing also class “Foo” in package “bar”.

In project B:

  1. Use SDE-EC Import to receive diagram in project B.

Then it imported the model “bar2.Foo” on which the imported diagram is based, but I wanted it to be based on “bar.Foo”.

When I afterwards change a method name in class “Foo” and perform “Force Update Model” on project B it is only changed in “bar.Foo” not in “bar2.Foo”.

So to have only one model and not to have this problem when updating the code, I have to change all the model assignments of the diagram elements especially for class “Foo” from “bar2.Foo” to “bar.Foo”, and after all delete the model “bar2.Foo”. This is what I want to avoid. Any idea :?:

Thanks in advance


You mentioned project B, which also contains the class “Foo” in package “bar”. Was project B exported from project A? If no, it is normal that the import won’t merge them together. Because they are considered as two models. In order to make the import merge things together, project B should be exported from the master project.

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