Moving Methods between Classes

1 of my class diagrams got too big so I decided to split up the methods into two separate Class diagrams. I switched to Model view (left panel) and attempted to drag the methods from 1 class diagram into the new one. I can’t seem to be able to do it, please help.

Dear Seant,

We are sorry that currently we do not support moving an operation from one class to another. There is a temporary workaround for you so that you don’t need to re-create all the methods:

  1. Right click on your original class, and select Copy within VP-UML (or SDE, depends on which product you are using)
  2. Right click on the diagram and select Paste with Model. Now a new class with identical details will be created.
  3. Remove the unwanted methods from both classes.

Hope this can help. Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.

Best regards,


I am evaluating modeling tools to increase productivity of our systems engineering teams who are currently using very time consuming products akin to rational, popkins, and artisan software. Visual Paradigm seems to be a very promising tool to replace them because it is feature rich and so much less cumbersome. I have since become a customer when I purchased an ME for some practical use evaluation before purchasing 1400 USD versions, but now I’ve run across a show stopper.

Does VP support refactoring of methods and operations to superclasses in version 5.1 (Build20051204b) that I am using?

We would expect the tool to propagate those changes to all diagrams that reference the updated model elements. A workaround would suffice in the near-term but the one presented in this thread does not apply to me (copy not available in pop-up menu).

This is an extremely common function of our use of the product, because we expect to modify the design through analysis. Without regard to propagation of changes to code, if the class diagram does not support a move method or move operation feature in the model alone then we cannot replace our old cumbersome design products with VP (as I had hoped)

If this feature is not in the version I’m currently using, when will it be?



Hi BarryL,

The refactoring of methods and operations to superclasses will be supported in the coming release, which is expected to be available in January 2006.

Wish you a Merry Christmas!

Best Regards,