Moving shapes instead of drawing connectors

Is there a way to temporarily hide the connector anchor points, allowing me to drag or resize a shape without accidentally drawing a new connector?

It is very easy to draw connectors by clicking on a shape and dragging away from it.
However if I want to MOVE a shape, I have to first be sure none of the connector anchor points are highlighed before I start to drag.

This often requires zooming in quite close to the shape so it is large enough that I can put the mouse over “white space” that doesn’t highlight an anchor. On large diagrams or when moving small shapes, I then must do the drag while still zoomed in. VP does let me drag offscreen by panning – but it will start to jump uncontrollably during the drag after it’s been scrolling for a while, and often drops the shape in an unpredictable location. So, long drags are impossible.

This means I generally don’t move shapes but have to cut/paste them. If there are existing connections I wish to keep, I have to manually re-create them. This is all very slow and frustrating.

A modifier key that suppresses connector anchor points would solve this very nicely.

Thank you for your inquiry and I’ve pass your feedback to our engineers to review, and I’ll keep you post once there are any update on it. Feel free to contact me for any help and wish you have a good day!