Much improved "use case details"

I just noticed the improvement in version 5’s implementation of “use case details.” This is really well done. I haven’t seen any other case tool that comes close. kudos.


Dear Ian,
Thank you. Acatully we have added a new feature in Use Case Detail in our coming release. You can generate system level sequence diagram and vice verse in the coming release. Please see the attached flash for more detail. Again, Thank you for chossing Visual Paradigm. We are commited to " Build Quality Applications Faster, Better and Cheaper".

Best Regards,

The “Use Case Details” could be improved…
(I’m still using 5.0, forgive me if something I mention here no longer applies)

word wrap would nice.

currently tab will take the focus into uneditable cells, but it scolds you if you try to enter something there. I think it would be better if tab (or up or down) only moved between editable cells.

currently the title cells are focusable and editable. I think they shouldn’t be.

the table should size itself so that it fits on a page better. maybe I’m doing something wrong but it seems to want to print the whole thing in the corner of the page.

it allows you to drag vertical table lines, but the results are inconsistent. sometimes it moves the line a bit, sometimes it jumps back. moving the middle line of a flow of events doesn’t affect the middle line of other flow of events sections.

I think in general it should be a bit more like filling out a form than typing in a spreadsheet.

The sequence diagram generation rocks, but the details form itself needs some work. In 5.3 sp3, I’m not able to cut and past text from one flow entry box to another. Data entry would be improved greatly if cut-n-paste from box to box was possible, as well as cut-n-past of multiple flow boxes between use case details (Rational’s currently recommending duplicating uc details instead of making references to other uc’s in their RUP propoganda).

Update: Its a Macintosh thing. Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V work, but the Apple equivalents do not. Also, while I can cut-n-paste flow steps, say 1 thru 4, steps 2-4 end up as text within step 1.