Multi monitor lack of support

Context menus, combo boxes, some popups - becomes visible on other monitor than main window of VP

Ps. very annoying

Preview on second monitor:


Dear Robert,

Thank you for your post. May I know your steps and could you upload your log file to the following folder for us to check further?
Password: kbgf89asck240dsfo

Only Visual Paradigm staff can read your uploads.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung


  1. Laptop connected to external monitor → two displays (internal and external),
  2. VP is displayed on the external monitor, right click anywhere inside VP and context menu becomes visible on internal monitor.

That’s all, no need to analyze logs.


Hi Robert,

Thank you for the supplementary information. I will forward your case to our engineers to study.

Best regards,
Jick Yeung

One thing to check Robert - especially if you are windows 10.
Have a look at scaling settings on each monitor.
If they are different (like mine usually are) then some software gets confused about actually locating windows. I had some very odd behaviours with another package which went away when I set scaling to the same for each monitor.