mySQL implementation via BPMN. Is this possible?

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I am currently doing consulting work for a local business, and they are very interested in the possible applications of the Visual Paradigm suite and BPMN. Right now I am working on modeling business processes in BPMN and feel our situation is a perfect example of where this topic was going.

Currently the company uses Microsoft Project to plan out their projects and processes. From there they export the project to excel and use in-house software to extract the data from the spreadsheets into their Access DB. From there they load the data into their eGroupWare structure (mySQL).

What they want to do is be able to do this using the VP suite (if this is possible). The roadblock we are at now is that Project has more functionality than BPMN allows for, specifically the allowcation of resources and tracking process duration. Is there any way BPVA can achieve the same thing? This would be an extremely valuable tool and would make the software in high demand in the field.

Any thoughts on if this is possible?

Dave from tSquared

also, Is there any way to export the BPMN file to Microsoft Project? Or create flags so that Project can find the data when BPVA exports a diagram to excel?

Hi tSquared,

I already forwarded your message to our team. Sorry that I have forgotton to reply your previous message. I will let you know when I receive a reply from them.

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thanks Jick. if my post was a little confusing, the basic jist of it is that we want to be able to assign resources to a task and track the task’s processing time. For instance, say a certain task will take 1 hour and these resources. then be able to go back and check if the task has been completed and how long it took.


any update on this? i understand that resources are assigned through pools. What I still need is to be able to track process run-time

Hi tSquared,

Our team will review your need as soon as possible. Sorry for the delay.

I just have a thought - Do you think your need can be fulfilled by using custom fields? We do not support custom fields now. But I am interested to know if custom fields can help.

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for tracking process run-time, would it be possible to have a timestamp variable at the beginning and end of the process model? Possibly have a task at beginning and end logging time and computing difference?


Dear tSquared,

I am sorry, but I do not quite understand your suggestion about tracking process run-time. You mentioned adding a timestamp variable at the BEGINNING and the END of the process model. My understanding to this point is to add a property called ‘timestamp’ to the START event and the END event (see attached image). But I feel this is a bit strange, and I doubt whether this is what you are looking for. You also mentioned ‘Possibly have a task at beginning’, I do not understand this phrase at all. About computing the differences, I guess it is related to your suggestion made before, so I hope to clarify your need first.

Finally, may I have your email address? We would like to discuss your suggestion with you in detail. You can send me your email address through private message.

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