Name subprocess with Parent Business Process


I got a question?

Is there a way to get in subProvess Diagram View the parent diagram name (and not the subprocess name in diagram parent)?

I join an image for my question

Have a great day and thanks for your feedback

image show what i get and not what i want (what i want is Father->Son instead of Process->Son)

Hi benoit,

Thanks for your post. Currently we do not support showing the parent diagram name in the sub-process diagram heading.

As it’s possible to have many views of a sub-process in a project. If, by your example, showing Father -> Son instead of Process -> Son, users will be confused about which sub-process does the diagram belong to.

Would you have other ideas or suggestions? You are welcome for any suggestions. :smiley:

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

Hello Lilian,

By the way, maybe something like

process (list of parents) -> Son

could help in viewing process and subprocess directly ?

with all my suggestions, i gonna ask some share of your society :slight_smile:

Thanks for your great feedback!

Hi benoit,

Thanks for your suggestion. However, it should not have “list of parent” for process. I would like to clarify something with you to avoid any misunderstanding in our communication (it can be my misunderstanding of your meaning, I’m sorry if I did).

When the diagram header is specified, the specified diagram header will act as a Pool. Models in the diagram will become the children of the diagram header.
By your example, the Process is a child of “Father” (the diagram header). The Process model can have many views in the same project with its parent (“Father”) unchanged. That means it always have the same parent but not “list of parents”.
(BTW, I’ve prepared a flash movie about this, please refer to

With this model structure, it may be better to show as Father -> Process -> Son. What do you think?

Best regards,
Lilian Wong