Namespaces not identical


I’m trying out DB-VA but ran into a problem. I’m using DB-VA with Visual Studio 2010.

I have generated the code in DB-VA with success. It have made a project for VS wich I included in my project.

But when I now run my code in VS2010, I get an error, wich I can see is that the DAO.cs files haven’t included the namespace for the EntityClasses.

My structure when adding the project created with DB-VA look like this:
DAL (Project name)
…DatabaseGeneric (folder)
…EntityClasses (folder)
…Address.cs (Entity file)
…orm (folder)
…DatabaseGeneric (folder)
…EntityClasses (folder)
…AddressDAO.cs (file)

I can see that DB-VA creates the Address.cs in the namespace DatabaseGeneric.EntityClasses and the AddressDAO.cs in the namespace orm.DatabaseGeneric.EntityClasses.

So to make it function I have to include the namespace DatabaseGeneric.EntityClasses in each DAO file.

How can I make it so, that each file created with DB-VA are created in the same namespace (OR the include are made automatic) so I avoid to make changes to the DB-VA generated files each time I make changes and generates code in DB-VA?