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I am using BPVA-AE to model the business processes of my company for quality improvement purposes. I have the following questions: I figured out that a double click on a tiny image of a flow diagram shown in a subprocess box brings me to the diagram, and that right-click on a diagram and selecting "open parent mode’ takes me back up one level in the tree. However not all subprocess boxes have a tiny image, and not all diagrams have a “open parent” option in their menu. The settings in specifications and in properties seem to be the same.

What is my problem? Is there any documentation available that helps me to figure things like this out myself?

Thanks for your help

hi Henk,

Thank you for your post. I have tried right-clicking on a BPD, but there hasn’t a popup menu for “Open Parent Model”. Attached is an image to show you what I’ve seen. Could you comment on my steps?

By the way, a subprocess shows in thumbnail mode only when it contains a subprocess diagram. You can create one by pressing the plus sign of the subprocess.

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Hi Jick,

Your menu is equal to what I get when I’m not getting the “Open parent model” option in the menu. When I get the “Open parent model” option it is in between “open specification” and “generate”.

I have figured out the following:
In the tab “diagrams” of a subprocess model specification you can identify a diagram. This is the diagram that you jump to if you right click the subprocess model and select “open process diagram”. You do not get the thumbnail so you cannot open it by double clicking. The diagram that you jump to is called “parent diagram” in the properties screen left. This seems not correct to me, i figured it should be called a child diagram. From this diagram you can return to the higher level diagram by right clicking and selecting “open parent diagram”, and there the name of the diagram that you’re in is mentioned. Confusing if you ask me…

If you use the “+” to make a subprocess diagram you get the thumbnail picture and you can doubleclick this to open the diagram of the subprocess. However, in this case you cannot return easily to the higher level diagram, since the option “open parent model” is not available. In this case I can not find any property or specification that relates the subprocess box to the subprocess diagram.

Could you please verify my findings to make sure it’s not a local installation issue?


Hi Henk,

Although sub diagram and Process diagram are similar, they are actually two different functionalities.

Subdiagram, the one that allow you to “open parent model”, is a general functionality. You can add subdiagram to most models, if not all. As you have noticed, you can add subdiagram by accessing the specification dialog. It is also possible to add a subdiagram through right-clicking on a shape and selecting the appropriate popup menu (Sub Diagrams > …).

Process diagram is the one that can be created by pressing the “+” sign of a subprocess shape. By doing so, the subprocess will be displayed as thumbnail view, which shows the corresponding process. You can disable by pressing the “-” sign. Although it does not support “open parent model” in the diagram’s cascade menu,you can still navigate to the parent model easily by pressing the shortcut appear at the diagram title. Attached is an image showing what I am talking about.

Hope the information has helped. Feel free to post again if there are any questions.

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Ah, this explains a lot.
The software has just too many undocumented features for a not-so-experienced user like me.

But thanks again for explaining,