Need a help to draw a sequence diagram

Nowadays I’m drawing a sequence diagram for an assignment. Since I’m new to UML I don’t have clear idea about sequence diagrams. In my case(simply It’s a patient record management system) there’s two system users Doctor and Student. Doctor have privileges to access the patient profile and add or edit new or existing records. But Student only privileged to access patient profile to view the added records. I really don’t have any idea how to map this in a sequence diagram. Please somebody help me to get rid of this problem. :roll:


I guess nobody can or even should help you “get rid of this problem”. You need to understand what’s going on. Otherwise you’ll get into serious trouble as soon as you’re supposed to solve problems yourself in “real life”.

You seem to be rather unsure about the system and its behavior you’re supposed to model. I think you should start with one or more use case diagrams to get a feel for what’s going on. After that you may try to create a class diagram of the system. Only when you have an idea about the involved classes you can draw a sequence diagram.

If this still seems too daunting, you should really use a book on object-oriented analysis and design. It doesn’t need to be a tome. :slight_smile: