Need help with my ERD please


For school we need to make a software program, and also a database (sql)
So we have made this ERD, but visual paradigm automatically makes a column called rolrolID in table "gebruiker’ . we cannot figure out why :frowning:

thnx in advance

Hi slammie,

Can you provide the steps to produce this ERD?
Did you model it directly in Visual Paradigm? Or reverse from SQL / Database?

hello kit,

i made this directly in paradigm.
first i made every table and column, then the relationships.
last relationship i made was the one betwene Rol and Gebruiker (Roll and User, translated)
today i went into the properties of that specific relationship, and saw that it had a 1 to zero or more. altough this is correct, becuz this is a exercise app for school, and in the beginning there can be a roll without user. i chaned that relation to the following: 1 to 1 or many. after that i was able to delete that extra column.

i think everything in this erd is ok now, but i dont dare to say 100% haha.

best regards,

Hi slammie,

I guess you created the foreign key column, then when you create relationship, it’ll show a dialog, if you didn’t select your foreign key column, then it’ll generate a new column for you.