.NET Databinding with SDE

Hi All,

Using VP SDE I managed to generate an ERDm a database and C# code based on my class diagram. However, it seems I can’t use the standard .NET databinding functionality. I also couldn’t find any topics about it on the forums.

Is databinding simply not available?


Hello Mark,

You are not required to use the DataBinding functionalities. All you need is to work with the objects that reflect your relational database.

School[] schools = SchoolFactory.ListSchoolByQuery(null, null);
for (int i=0;i<schools.Length;i++)
	Console.WriteLine("["+i+"] "+schools[i].SchoolName);

Console.Write("Which school do you want to update? ");
int index = Int32.Parse(Console.ReadLine());
Console.Write("Please enter a new name :");
schools[index].SchoolName = Console.ReadLine();

The following page gives you more information about .NET ORM:

Hope this helps.

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Hello Jick,

Thanks for your reply. I am aware of the ORM concept. However, when creating a user interface I like databinding using an object datasource. This enables me to create the forms and database functionality with just a few (if any) lines of code.

I am looking for the best/fastest way to create C# ASP.NET and Winforms applications based on a class diagram (and generated ERD/database) created in Visual Paradigm.

Is it possible to use the code generated by visual paradigm to develop an application quickly in visual studio 2005 without writing a lot of code? Or do I have to stick with the method that is proposed in the link you gave.


Hello starwave,

I am sorry that we do not support working with data binding at this moment. But I have passed your case on to our development team. Thank you for your post.

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