No Report generated

I have just recently installed VP-SDE for Eclipse. with an evaluation key.
When i try to generate a report (regardless if its PDF, HTML or Writer), no report is generated, neither is any preview.

After i press “Generate” a dialog appears “Generating PDF(or HTML) document” with the text “waiting”. Something happens since the cpu load increases, but then the dialog closes.
The folder where i wanted the report to be written is created.

Is the report functionality not available under the evaluation key?

I use Eclipse 3.1M3, java 5.0 on WinXP.
No exception stack trace is visble in the eclipse log nor the SDE log.

Everything else is working perfectly…

Dear atle,

The report generation features are available with the evaluation key. Would you mind to tell me that what’s the size of your project (how many diagrams)? Also how do you startup the SDE? Startup inside eclipse or using the launcher?

Best regards,

I have 13 classes in one classdiagram, inside one package, which is nested inside two packages.

I have three use case diagrams, three activity diagrams and three sequence diagrams.

I start up SDE inside Eclipse.

Regards Atle

I started SDE from the launcher, and it worked.

Thank you.