NOT BUG - Database Reverse populated table which does not exists at all in schema

I have some mysql tables which I reversed back into VP, I have only 3 tables with prefix OT_* in my schema, but when I did reverse database I got another entity populated into ER diagram, which has nothing to do with mysql:

The yellow entity is registered in some model in VP project and is type of conceptual entity, so should, that is some bug, or I don’t know… Today I did full refresh of the VP from TeamServer and reported previously some bug with entities which cannot be deleted in our model (no answer from your side so far), anyway I can see thies lookup - city entity as type conceptual as this:

Reverse database should only generate Physical Entities, could you please provide more detail steps to reproduce the problem?

I am closing, this is my mistake, I used ADD to diagram configuration while reversing…