Numbers in Sequence Diagram


I am creating Sequence and Collaboration diagrams and trying to use numbers to indicate conditional flow for the messages, like

1: Login()
1.1: Validate()
1.2: RegisterLog()

2: AppendAgenda()
2.1: ValidateData()
2.2: Commit()

Does VP-UML permit creating something like that ?



I’m having the same problem ! Is there a workaround for this ?

Tia, Cuball

Me too,plz help!


At the moment, we do not have this feature (It will be implemented soon). However, there is a workaround:

On your sequence diagram, right click and untick “Show Numbers”. Then manually type your numbers in. Yes I do realise it can be extremely tedious, however, it is the only temporary workaround until the feature is implemented.

Hope this helps.