Object Flow in Activity Diagram


Someone knows how to define the state or a value to a attribute of a object in a activity diagram ? I only can define the name and the class of the object, any other change that I make in the specification do not appear. In the UML documentation the object appears with a second division where his state is defined. There is some way to force the second division to appear or I have to define the state of the object in the arrow of the flow ?


The only way I know to show a state in an object node in an activity diagram is:

  • create a State machine diagram and create states in it;

  • in the object node of the activity diasgram, open specification and go to the Instates tab;

  • You’ll see the states you created in step 1. Select one or more states. Click ok. You can also add states that don’t exist in any State machine diagram;

  • Right-click the object node, go to Presentation options… and select Show InStates.



What about in a sequence diagram? Would it work the same way?

Thanks, Kirsten

Dear Kirsten,

Do you mean showing the classifier in the lifeline and the operation in the call message?

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